My purpose

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

And then what?!

Having become a parent in 2018, I was surprised at the various lessons along the way throughout the pregnancy, labour and postpartum period which people don’t tell you. What is shown in the movies pales in comparison to reality.

The postpartum period was a secretive/mystical world which you were meant to figure out as you go. The reality of it for me was that this was and still is the most challenging.

If I had been able to have some insight into what the overall journey is like before I even thought about getting pregnant, I would have found it invaluable. Especially the expectations we innately have of each period based on what we see around us.

So, I created this blog to share my personal experience with other fellow or first-time parents to help you navigate the parenting journey.

The 3 biggest things I’d like to share are:

  1. You’re not alone:  there are plenty of people going through the same thing and lots of resources to help.
  2. You’ve got this: you already have what it takes to master the parenting gig – keep taking the lessons as they come and enjoy the journey
  3. Good enough is good enough! It is dangerous and unrealistic to aim for perfection in parenting – being a good enough parent is all you need to be